Private Beading/Charm groups



We are so lucky to be able to host our amazing customers in our studio here in Vancouver, BC. We offer a wide and unique variety of glass blown beads, ceramic beads, acrylic beads, charms and more! Please note we only take private bookings right now and we do not take walk ins!



We are currently taking in groups from 1-13 for the Month of JULY and AUGUST. We charge a $50 one time fee to book in for groups 4-13 to secure your spot at our studio (this fee does not go towards what is made in person, if you cancel your slot this fee is non refundable but it is transferable to a different date.) Once your group arrives everyone pays per pieces made in studio (you can make as much as you want within your allotted time slot) or if you would like to prepay for your groups items before hand that works as well!

Each group has a 2 hour limit in our studio, if pieces are still being made we do not put a time limit on creating multiple pieces!

SMALLER GROUPS: We are now accepting groups of 1-3 come in for no fee. This time slot is for 1 hour and your group can be placed with other groups of 1-3! 



Our pricing is the same as our regular online and in person pricing!

Beaded Bracelets $37 - Beaded Necklaces $70

Charmed necklaces range from $78-$100+ - Charmed Bracelets range from $42-$66+ this depends on charm count!



Q: Can we bring food and drink? 

A: Absolutely! Please provide your own cups and napkins if your group will be enjoying some snacks! 

Q: Is there a washroom in the building?

A: Yes, We have a bathroom down our hall!

Q: Is your studio dog friendly?

A: Absolutely! We do have a small pup that’s usually around our studio so please check in before bringing your animal! We have water, toys, and treats for them to play with!

Q: Do you take all forms of payment?

A: Yes! We take credit, debit, Amex, and cash! (Cash is always preferred)

Q: Is our booking Private?

A: Groups 4-13 have the whole studio to themselves for their 2 hour time slot! Groups 1-3 (which have no booking fee) can potentially be placed with another group for your 1 hour slot! 

Q: What happens if we are late to our booking?

A: we always appreciate communication when you’re running late! Unfortunately If you or your group is more than 25 minutes late with no prior communication your group will be canceled (rescheduling is possible).

If you’re running late and communicate through our chat we will get your group started as fast as possible! But unfortunately since our groups are scheduled time slot your time will not be extended! 



SLJ Studio

2414 Main street 



Please DM us on Instagram @ShayelilyJewelry (preferred) or email at to book in a date with us and/or if you have any questions!